Shaokang Zhongxing


Shaokang Zhongxing refers to the period when Shaokang, the sixth son of the Xia Dynasty, regained his throne and ruled thereafter, the first era in Chinese history to be named after the word “Zhongxing”.

Shaokang was the sixth son of the Xia Dynasty, whose father was killed by the rival Han Milestone. With his personal charisma, Shaokang was helped by the You still clan and the You Yu clan and supported by the surviving members of the Xia Hou clan. Through careful planning, Shaokang was able to overcome the weak and strong by means of intercession and assassination, and finally defeated Han Milestone and his sons and revived the Xia Dynasty.

Background of the revival

Taikang’s loss of state

The actions of the Xia King Taikang, who did not return to the fields for 100 days, caused great discontent among the people. Taking advantage of the public’s discontent, Houyi of the Poor Clan usurped power and forbade Taikang to enter the country. As a result, the reign of Hou Yi faced a serious crisis.

Hou Yi’s replacement of Xia

Hou Yi, also known as Yi Yi, was the leader of the poor tribe in Eastern Yi, who was good at shooting for generations.

After Taikang lost his kingdom, Hou Yi claimed the throne for eight years, but the lords of the world were not convinced, so Hou Yi gave up the throne to Zhong Kang on condition that the poor country did not pay tribute, and returned to the poor country to continue to be the king. However, Hou Yi, like Taikang, did not cultivate civil affairs and spent his days hunting and playing, abandoning his wise officials Wu Luo, Bo Yin, Xiong Guan and Long Gao.

At the same time, Zhongkang reneged on his alliance after his reign and demanded tribute from the poor state. As a result, there was a constant war between the Xia king and the poor state.

The Rise of Han Milestone

After the death of King Zhongkang of Xia, his son Xiangan (called Xia Houxiang) became the fifth king of Xia. After the death of Xia Houxiang, his son Xiangan (called Xia Houxiang) became the fifth king of Xia. After Houyi’s pursuit, Xia Houxiang fled to Diqiu (today’s Puyang) to follow the lords of the same surname in the Puyang clan. At this time, the Pei Xun clan had moved from the Yi Luo plain to the northeast of Yu, and the Pei Gou clan was in the north of Fan County at the present-day border between Yu and Lu.

In his later years, Hou Yi indulged in pleasure. After he was expelled from the state of Han for his mischievous acts of sowing dissension and talking nonsense, Hou Yi took him in, trusted him, and relied on him. With this opportunity, Han Yi “flattered his people on the inside and bribed them on the outside, fooling them” to recruit and cultivate his own power, while making Yi obsessed with hunting and field hunting and not returning. Finally, when the time was ripe, Han Milestone and Hou Yi’s wife plotted together, and when he was about to return from his field hunting, they mobilized their families to “kill and cook” Hou Yi, and his son also “died in the poor gate”. The surviving minister of Xia, who had been used by Hou Yi, fled to the Yuli clan (25 miles southeast of Dezhou City, Shandong Province). After the coup d’├ętat and the bloodshed of Hou Yi’s clan, Han Milestone “took on the name of You Li and gave birth to the sons of Yi and Pugs”, and the two sons were brave and warlike, and intensified their pursuit of the Hou Xia clan.

The two sons were brave and warlike, and they intensified their pursuit of the Xia family. After the death of Hou Yi, Han Milestone ordered Zeng to lead his division to “kill the pugs in order to attack the pugs and destroy the Xia Houxiang” in order to prevent the revival of the Xia Houxiang’s power.

The wife of Xiang’an was a member of the Houlin clan of the Youshui clan (Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province, or Jinxiang County, Jining City). When Han Milestone was hunting down and killing Xia Houxiang, she fled back to Youxiang with her pregnancy and gave birth to Shaokang. Shaokang then became a shepherd and was responsible for animal husbandry. When he learned of Shaokang’s talent, he sent his son, Han Vigor, after Shaokang to kill him.

Shao Kang rehabilitates Xia

Shaokang was pursued by Han Milestone and fled to Youyu State (present-day Yucheng County, Henan Province), where he became the chief cook of the Youyu Clan. Yu Si married his daughter to Shao Kang, and actively built up his power for him, with a field of 10 miles and a brigade of 500 people, and sent a female spy, Ai, to the fiefdom of Han Zhui to take charge of intelligence work.

The surviving minister of the Xia Dynasty, Bo Wu, refused to surrender to Han Milestone and fled to the You Li Clan (present-day Dezhou City, Shandong Province). Shaokang liaised with the fugitive Xia minister Bo Wu and gathered the strength of the remnants of the Xia dynasty’s two kingdoms, the Pei Gou and the Pei Xun, to annihilate the army of the Aristocrats of the Han Dynasty and make Shaokang the king. Then Shaokang ordered the female Ai to attack the cold haughty, and Shaokang ordered his son Ji Loom to attack the cold breathing.

In the Book of Chu, “What do you want from your sister-in-law when you are at home? The woman was sewing her clothes and the pavilion was in the same place. The poem “What is the best way to get the best out of the boat?

This poem reveals that Shao Kang had used assassination or assault to get rid of Zeng, probably by female Ai at night. Shao Kang found an opportunity to kill Pour by hunting with dogs and beasts, and cut off his head. He then attacked and killed Pigs and Han Milestone. After a failed suicide attempt, he was tied up and dragged to Bo Wu. He was tied up and dragged to Bo Wu, who counted all the sins of Han Milestone, cut off his flesh piece by piece, and lynched him to death. At the same time, Shao Kang ordered to chop up the pigs into meat paste.

Shaokang regained power and became the sixth son of Xia Dynasty. During his reign, Shaokang was diligent and loved the people and concentrated on agriculture and water conservation, which is known as “Shaokang’s Central Revival”.


From “Taikang lost the state” to “Shaokang rejuvenated”, it was about a hundred years in total. If we say, the establishment of the Xia dynasty is the earliest Chinese dynasties “Xing”, Kai is relying on power and strategy to open the kingdom of the lord, Taikang became the earliest “faint king”.

Only when Shaokang returned to the dynasty, because Shaokang was diligent and loved the people, concentrated on agriculture and water conservancy, the Xia dynasty entered the situation of “governance” and “prosperity”, thus appearing in the situation of prosperity.


Since Kai killed Yi to seize the throne, and through the battle of Gan to thwart the opponents to establish the Xia Dynasty, and then through the four generations of Taikang, Zhongkang, Xiang, Shaokang and so on, about nearly a hundred years, repeatedly using the means of war, to establish the rule of the Queen of Xia.

In this process, the success or failure of the military struggle, the important reason is to get the support of the people. Taikang lost his country because he was “in the field and did not care about civil affairs”; Han Milestone replaced Xia because Hou Yi “did not repair the civil affairs and was obnoxious to the original beast”; Han Milestone fell because he “relied on his slander and fraud and did not virtuous to the people “. The reason Shaokang was able to prosper was that he was able to “spread his virtue, and his strategy, to collect the Xia people, and to take care of their official positions” after he established himself in Lanyi.

Politically, pay attention to the human factor, military, pay attention to strategy, this is Shao Kang can win with weakness, rebuilding the rule of the Xia Hou clan important reason.

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