Mò Xi

Character introduction

Mò Xi, surnamed Hi (Xi), birth and death years unknown, daughter of You Shi, the first consort of Xia Jie, the last monarch of Xia Dynasty (the wife of the highest leader of Xia Dynasty was called the first consort). According to the full name and abbreviation used in the description of the woman’s name in the pre-Qin era, the surname of the eldest sister should be Xi, that is, Xi (also Xi). it is often mistaken as “Mei Xi”.

There is a poem praising the beauty of eldest sister Xi.

“There is Shi Xiaoxi, with clear eyebrows. The makeup is neon and colorful, and the curl is flying. Crystal dew, people’s pity.”


Xia Xia Xi was the daughter of You Shi Clan (i.e. You Shi tribe, in the territory of Meng Yin County, Shandong Province today). During the reign of Xia Jie, he launched a large army to attack the You Shi tribe, and when the latter was defeated, they begged for peace and offered their cattle, sheep, horses and beautiful girls, including Xia Xi. After Xia Jie got Xia Xi, he doted on her very much.

Xia Xi had three fetishes.

First, she laughed at people drinking in the wine pond which was so large that they could row a boat; second, she laughed at listening to the sound of tearing silk; third, she liked to wear men’s official hats.

History records that when Xia Jie was building his wine pond which was large enough to row a boat, he first ordered the execution of Guan Long Pang, a loyal minister who prevented him from building the wine pond, and then “invited” 3,000 drinking masters to drink in the pond with the sound of beating drums, and some of them drowned because of drunkenness.

Because Xia Jie laughed when she heard the sound of tearing silk, and Xia Jie liked to see Xia Jie laughing, so he ordered the court to move the beautifully woven silk and tear it one by one in front of her, so as to win the heart of Xia Jie. At the beginning of the agricultural era, silk weaving industry had just emerged, and destroying this rare and expensive item was like a waste.

After Shang Tang destroyed the Xia Dynasty, Xia Xi died with Xia Jie running to the south of Chao (southwest of Chaohu in Anhui Province).

It is said that Xia Jie attacked Minshan clan and got the two daughters, so Xia Xi was coldly treated by Xia Jie and destroyed Xia because of the connection with Yi Yin, a minister of Shang Dynasty.

One hundred ladies of China
Historical records

The State Language – Volume 7 – Jin Language I

Biography of the Empress – Vol. 7 – Biography of the Sins

The Century of Emperors and Kings

Ancient Bamboo Book Chronicle

Anecdotes and Allusions

The Red-faced Scourge

It is said that Xia Xi is the first example of the bane of the beauty in the future, and after that there were Daji of Shang Dynasty and Baosi of Zhou Dynasty one after another in three generations.

Therefore, when King Goujian of Yue sent Fan Li to present Xi Shi to King Fu Cha of Wu, Wu Zixu said.

“I heard: Xia died with Xia Xi, Yin died with Daji, and Zhou died with Baosi. Beauty is a thing of the fallen state, so the king cannot accept it.”

Controversial characters


The earliest historical record about the Xia Xia Xi is from “The State Language”, which has only a few paragraphs that read

“In the past, when Xia Jie attacked You Shi, the people of You Shi took the girl of Xia Xi, and the girl of Xia Xi had favor, so she died Xia with Yi Yin than.”

This record does not have any information about the evil deeds of eldest sister Xi such as debauchery, confusing the king, splitting silk and swimming naked.

At the beginning of Han Dynasty, Han Shi Wai Zhuan, Volume 2, contains.

“In the past, Jie made a pool of wine and a bad embankment, and indulged in the fun of raging, while three thousand people drank from the cattle.”

Its volume four also contains.

“Jie for the wine pool, can carry boats, bad mound enough to look ten miles; and cattle drinkers three thousand people.”

Western Han Dynasty “Huainanzi – Benjing training” wrote.

“In the late times, the emperor had Jie and Zhou, for the beautiful room, Yaotai, elephant corridor, jade bed, Zhou for the meat garden, wine pool, burn the world’s money, tired of suffering the strength of the people, router advice, pick pregnant women, hustle the world, abuse the people.”

In the late Western Han Dynasty, Liu Xiang’s “The Prick of Luxury” wrote that.

“Jie made Yao Tai, striking the people’s strength, exhausting the people’s money, for the wine pools and bad dikes, indulging in extravagant music, a drum and cattle drinkers three thousand people.”

The “Jieshi” writes.

“Jie made the wine pool, enough to stand for a boat, and the bad mound, enough to look at seven miles, and a drum and three thousand people drank from the cattle.”

These accounts never mention that the eldest sister Xi had anything to do with the death of Xia.

And then a school of thought with a different gender stance began to rise up, and they linked the destruction of Xia with beauty.

Xunzi-Unblocking says.

“In the past, the one who was hidden by human rulers was Xia Jie and Yin Zhou. The Jie is hidden in the end of the hi, Si Guan, but do not know off the dragon Feng, to confuse his mind, and chaotic behavior. Zhou shield in Daji, Fei Lian, but do not know Weizi Qi, in order to confuse their hearts, and disorderly conduct.”

The Eastern Han Dynasty’s Wu-Yue Spring and Autumn Annals writes that

When King Fuchai of Wu accepted Xishi, he was opposed by Wu Zixu, who believed that “the blame of the beautiful country” and “Xia died with Xia Xi, Yin died with Daji, and Zhou died with Bao Si.” Fucha did not listen, and the country died as a result.

After that, Xia Xia Xi became the mainstream concept, and later also derived from the girl Xi indulged in sex, wanton enjoyment, wine pool and flesh forest, naked frolic all kinds of statements.

Obviously, this is the interpretation of later people and the words of feudal royal literati, not historical facts.

The death of Xia

The Xia dynasty’s Fang Guo (also known as the tribe) had originally submitted to the Xia dynasty, paying tribute every year and coming to the dynasty every year. Later, due to the decay of the royal family and the corruption of the court, the Xia king became insatiable and demanded more and more things (including beautiful women) to satisfy his selfish desires. At that time, the world was full of complaints. In this situation, the Shih clan took the lead in not paying tribute to the court.

At that time, Xia Jie was reigning, in order to stabilize his own kingdom and curb the first signs of rebellion, Xia Jie decided to conquer the You Shi clan by force and kill the chicken for the monkeys, so Xia Jie gathered other states to lead tens of thousands of troops to start the Eastern expedition.

You Shi clan occupies the time and place, due to the rich production and developed agriculture, should be more powerful among the many square countries. Otherwise, they would not dare to openly fight with the Xia Dynasty.

But “a good man can’t stand many cowards”, because they were facing the attack of Xia Dynasty and other Fang states together, they had to give up the resistance after months of bloodshed.

One of the conditions to make peace was to offer the princess of the Xia Dynasty, the most beautiful girl in the country – 妺喜, and later some legends said that after Xia Jie got 妺喜, he became more lascivious. He often held her to both knees and kept drinking with her day and night.

In the face of the lavish and unscrupulous ruler, the people were angry but dared not speak. The people had no way out, and some of them cursed at the sun with indignation, saying.

“When are you going to be finished, you damnable sun? I would really like to perish with you.”

At this time, Shang Tang, the powerful leader of Shang, sent a spy Yi Yin with a bitter trick. Yi Yin was soon trusted by Xia Jie and acted in cooperation with Xia Xi, so that the Xia dynasty was finally destroyed by Shang Tang, ending the nearly 500-year-long reign of the Xia dynasty.

In this sense, Yi Yin helped Shang Tang to destroy Xia and could be considered the first female spy ever in China.

About the saying that Xia Dynasty was destroyed by Xia Xi

The first saying, spy saying.

According to Guoyu, 妺喜 conspired with Yi Yin, a minister of Shang Dynasty, to bring about the downfall of Xia Dynasty. It is very likely that eldest sister Xi became a character like Xi Shi, a spy sent to the Xia Dynasty by the You Shi clan.

The second argument, revenge for losing favor.

According to “bamboo book chronicles”, Xia Jie attacked Minshan, Minshan’s follow the example of You Shi’s, offering two beautiful women, one called Wan, one called Diem (Wan is the meaning of beautiful jade), Xia Jie very favored the two women, although they did not have children, Xia Jie still with camel jade engraved on the word “Wan”, Huayu engraved on the word “Diem ” to show his love. Xia Jie, on the other hand, was neglected and placed in the area of Luo Shui. Xia Jie was resentful and secretly communicated with Yi Yin to reveal the secrets of Xia Dynasty. Xia Jie only cared about the beauty in front of him and forgot his former lover, so Xia Xi then cooperated with Yi Yin inside and outside, and the Xia dynasty was destroyed.

Character evaluation

Liu Xiang’s “Biography of the Female”.

① “Beauty is in color, thin in virtue, disorderly and sinless.”

② “at the end of the Xi with the Jie, Wei chaos and pride, Jie is not only unethical, but also heavy on its desolate, treacherous track is used, do not care about the law, the country after the Xia, then turned into Shang.”

Huangfu quiet “emperor century”.

“The eldest sister liked to hear the sound of cracking and laughed, Jie for the hair cracked, in order to comply with his intention.”

Pao Yang, “The Death of the Empress of Chinese Antiquities”.

“Shi Xiaoxi was a poor girl whose status was that of a captive without human rights, who, in the prime of her youth, had to leave her hometown, leave her lover, and be sacrificed like cattle and sheep to the hands of the enemy for the survival of her clan.”

Film and television images

1961 “Miles of Beacon Smoke in Search of the Younger Girl”: Wu Junli played the role of the younger girl.

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