Order of Jing Bo


The “Order of Jing Bo” is a historical event that happened at the end of the Xia Dynasty. Shang Tang moved north from its old capital Shangqiu to Jing Bo, also known as Bei Bo and Meng Bo (one says north of Shangqiu in Henan Province and the other says south of Cao County in Shandong Province). Here, Shang Tang ordered the world to conquer the four directions and finally destroyed Xia.


According to Zuo Zhuan – The Fourth Year of Duke Zhaogong, in June of the fourth year of Duke Zhaogong of Lu (538 BC), King Ling of Chu held a meeting of the lords at Shen. Before the meeting, the minister of Chu, Jiaoju, heard that the rituals of the alliance were incomplete, so he advised King Ling of Chu, saying, “Now that the king has just gained the trust of the lords, he must be cautious in the rituals. The success of Chu’s hegemony depended on this alliance.” Then Pepper enumerated several famous lords’ meetings in history, “Xia Qi had the enjoyment of Juntai, Shang Tang had the order of Jing Bo, Zhou Wu had the oath of Mengjin, Cheng had the collection of Qiyang, Kang had the dynasty of Feng Gong, Mu had the meeting of Tushan, Qi Huan had the division of Zhaoling, and Jin Wen had the alliance of trampling on the earth.” Then he asked King Ling of Chu, “Which of the rituals of the alliance are you going to imitate?” King Ling of Chu said, “I will use the ritual system of the alliance of Zhaoling of Duke Huan of Qi.”

The Geography of Jing Bo

About Jing Bo, history says different things, Du Bei “Zuo Zhuan Note” that “Henan Gong County, southwest of the Tang Pavilion, or say Bo is Yan Shi”, Jin Dynasty’s Huang Fu Qu disagreed with this statement, in the “Century of Emperors” discerned that “Tang began to live in Bo, scholars salty to Bo this Dichu’s market, in the “Yu Gong” Yu Zhou Luo River between It is also the Yangting of the corpse township, 20 miles west of Yanshui, Henan Province, today. The fact that the scriptures have been examined is very wrong. The Mencius says that ‘Tang lived in Bo, and Ge was a neighbor. Case “Geography”: ‘Ge, today Liang Ningling of Ge Township’ is also. Soup land seventy miles, Ge and Bo ear, feudal domain system; Ge Bo not sacrifice, soup make Bo crowd for the plow, a child pay food, Ge Bo seized and killed. It is not reasonable to count 800 miles from Ningling to Yangshi, and to make the Bo crowd to plow for it, and to have children to pay for food. Now Liang has two Bo, the southern Bo in the Valley, the northern Bo in the Meng, not Yan Shi. Therefore, the ancient text of the “Letters of Chung Vu” said: ‘It is Ge Bo Qiu pay, the first conquest from Ge.’ That is, the words of “Mencius” is also. Tang and allied vassals in Jing Bo, then the two Bo are in Liang carry on, “Spring and Autumn” ‘will be in Bo’ is also.” Huangfu quietly that “Valley Shu for the southern Bo, that is, the soup capital also”. Later Wang Guowei in the article “said Bo” after detailed examination, that Jing Bo is the northern Bo, because this place has Jing Mountain, so called “Jing Bo”; and because the ancient name of this place is “Meng”, so also called “Meng Bo “.

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