Zhong Hui

Brief introduction

Zhong Hui, surnamed Ren, also called Lai Zhu, also known as Zhong Bu, was the twelfth grandson of Xi Zhong, another outstanding ruler of the state of Xue after Xi Zhong, and a famous minister during the period of Shang Tang. He assisted Cheng Tang in destroying Xia and establishing the Shang Dynasty, and became a famous minister of his generation. It is said that at the time of his birth, the sound of thunder was vicious, lightning was like a snake, and the rain poured down, relieving the drought in his hometown for many years. In ancient times, the sound of thunder was called “vicious”, and vicious was also a synonym for snake, because when it rained, lightning was like a long snake flying, so his father named his son “vicious” and gave him a red snake tattoo. He was called Ren Zhonghui because he was the second in line.

He succeeded to the throne of Xue at the age of 24 and was a man of great talent and political foresight. During his stay in Xue, he carried forward the good traditions of his ancestors and led the people of Xue to improve production tools and called on villages to build wells in low-lying areas to get water and develop agriculture. He also encouraged people to raise livestock and vigorously develop animal husbandry. He set up agricultural officials to teach the people to raise livestock with crop stalks and use the manure of livestock as fertilizer to improve the fertility of the land. Zhongxu also attached importance to the development of handicraft industry. At that time, copper manufacturing, handicraft manufacturing, leather, brewing, sericulture and silk weaving were developed to a certain scale. Under the leadership of Zhong Hui, Xue became a vassal state with more developed economy and stronger power. At this time, the Xia Dynasty was already in a state of decline and rebellion. With great foresight, Zhong Hui gladly joined the ranks of Shang Tang to destroy Xia and made a great achievement. He was the left and right minister of Shang Tang together with Yi Yin, and assisted Shang Tang to complete his great work.

Zhong Hui
Political Ideas

Zhong Hui, the wise minister of Tang, assisted the Shang king together with Yi Yin. In the year of Ding A.D., Zuo Zhuan reads: “Xi Zhong, the royal ancestor of Xue, lived in Xue and served as the chezheng of Xia, and Xi Zhong moved to Pi. Zhong Lu lived in Xue and served as the left minister of Tang”. It can be seen that Zhong Lu was the left minister of Shang Tang who lived in Xue after Xi Zhong. Xue is 40 miles south of Teng County, Shandong Province. Shang Shu. It was mentioned in the “Preface” that “Zhong Lu made the encyclical”, but it was lost in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Mozi. Non Fate”: “I heard that Zhong Fu said: “I heard that in Youxia, people pretended to be ordered by heaven, and gave orders to the next, and the emperor cut down the evil, and Gong lost his division. In Zuo Zhuan, the 30th year of Duke Xiang, Zi Pi said: “Zhong Hui’s zhi said: ‘Those who are in chaos take it, those who die repent'”. It can be seen that Zhong Hui had certain political ideas.

Main works

Zhong Hui’s Letters

The Letters of Zhong Hui–Shang Shu–Shang Shu

When Tang returned from Xia and arrived at the Great Wilderness, Zhong Hui made the enjoinder.

When Tang released Jie in Nan Chao, he was only ashamed of his virtue. He said, “I am afraid that the next generation will take the stage as a mouthpiece.”

Zhong Hui made the enjoining, saying.

But the people are born with desire, no master is chaos, but born with wisdom when mowing, there is summer faint virtue, the people fall into chaos, the sky is the king of the tin courage and wisdom, table is right all states, carry on the old clothes of Yu. This rate of the classics, if the order of heaven. The king of Xia was guilty of falsifying the heaven, in order to cloth the order in the lower. The emperor with the uncongenial, style Shang was ordered to use the cool division. The simple virtues attached to the power, the actual prosperity of the students. The state of our country in the summer, if the seedlings have herbs, if the corn has blight. The small war, there is no fear of the innocent. I am sure that the virtue of the words are enough to hear.

But the king is not close to the sound and color, not the goods and profits. The virtue of the king is to be a magnificent official, and the merit is to be a magnificent reward. He uses people only for himself, and does not stint in correcting mistakes. The king’s virtues are well known.

It is Ge Bo enemy pay, the first conquest from Ge, East conquest, Western barbarians resentment; South conquest, Northern Di resentment, said: ‘Xi only after to? You feedback of the people, the room family celebrate each other, said: ‘wait for the latter, later its Su.’ The people’s Dai Shang, their only old!

Blessed with virtues and complementary virtues, showing loyalty and good, both weak and attacking the ignorant, taking the chaos and insulting the dead, pushing the dead and fixed existence, the state is its prosperity. The virtue of the new day, all the countries only to embrace; will be full, the nine tribes are away. King Mao Zhao great virtue, build in the people, with righteousness system, with ritual system of the heart, hanging after the Kun. I heard said: ‘can get since the division of the king, said people have been if the death of the people, good question is Yu, self-use is small’. Whoops, careful end, but its beginning. Proliferate with rituals, overriding the faint tyranny. Admire the way of heaven, forever protect the fate of heaven.

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