The Deer Terrace


The Deer Terrace, also known as the Southern Single Terrace, is said to be a palace building built by King Zhou of the Shang Dynasty, first supervised by Lu Shang, with a height of 4 feet 9 feet. It is one of the eight scenic spots of the Qi Garden, located near Chaoge (Jinniuling, Qi County, Henan Province). In the Records of the Grand Historian Yin, there is a reference to the place where money was hidden and treasures were collected. On January 26, 1027 or 1046, King Wu of Zhou launched the Battle of Muye, and King Zhou organized slaves to resist him. “The Shang Dynasty fell.

Geographic location

It was built by King Zhou of Yin at the eastern foot of Taihang Mountain, fifteen miles west of Qi County: “It was three miles large and a thousand feet high.” It was the place where Yin Zhou accumulated his wealth. It is recorded in the history books that “taxes were given heavily to realize the money of the Deer Terrace”. It is self-explanatory that Zhou built the Deer Terrace in seven years.

Historical Landscape

The Deer Terrace is one of the eight scenic spots in Qi Garden, called “Deer Terrace Chaoyun”. In ancient times, the surrounding peaks towered, white clouds lingered, strange rocks were jagged, graceful, vines were mushroomy, green bamboo, pine and cypress were in the sky, willows were hanging together, wild flowers were fragrant, peach and plum were competing, butterflies danced and birds sang, fish played and frogs sang. There are several rows of boulders shaped like various beasts lying in front of the platform, quietly and peacefully, as if they were guards waiting for the deer platform. There is a pool of spring water under the platform. It is said to be unfathomable in ancient times. (A spinning thread into the pool is still not the end.) The water of the pool is as clear as the bottom, and the surface is as flat as a mirror. Breeze blowing, blue waves shimmering. Wind and sunny morning, the sky full of purple haze fay, clouds and fog, the entire Deer Terrace buildings and pavilions appear from time to time, like a mirage, just like Penglai Wonderland.

Deer Terrace Ruins

Between Liuzhai and Shenzhai in Juiqiao Town, HEBI New District, about seven miles south of the city, bordered by Qi water on both sides, covering an area of more than 100 acres. Originally a large mound site, the site was divided into six terraces over the years, so it is also known as Lu (six) Terrace and Six Deer Terrace, and the small Deer Terrace formed after the division has its own name, arranged in an orderly manner from east to west.

Four of the six deer platforms were severely damaged in the last century during the “agricultural study” campaign. By the 1980 census of cultural relics, the second and sixth terraces were razed to the ground, the third terrace only 667 square meters, the fourth terrace survived 2,668 square meters, only the first, the fifth terrace is well preserved. The remaining two deer platforms, as ancient deer platform sites, have high heritage value and were listed as key cultural relics protection units in Henan Province in September 2000.

Viewing the exposed remains of its surrounding cliffs, a cultural layer accumulation is visible, about 3 meters thick. The upper layer is the culture of the two Han dynasties, and the following are Zhou, Shang, Longshan and Yangshao cultures in order. There are many kinds of cultural relics in the site, including stone axe, stone arrowhead, stone adze, stone sickle, remnants of colored pottery bowl, tripod foot, li-leg, bone cone, bone pin, bone arrowhead, bronze mirror, iron battle-axe, iron hook inlay and so on. Provincial and local cultural relics workers had several inspections on the site, collected physical specimens, and agreed that it is an ancient cultural site with high historical value.

Related poems

Countless people were killed and injured in the construction of the Deer Terrace, and the people complained a lot. The construction of the Deer Terrace sounded the death knell for the demise of Yin. There is a poem that says: “The people were stripped of their fat to make a dike, but the day was already west when the dike was made. The people were in great distress, and the people of Chaoge were looking at the clouds. The treasure of nine states is stored in the heart, once the dust of war horses. It is thought that the accumulated wealth and injustice has not been dispersed, and the dawn is like a confused cloud.

When King Wu of Zhou invaded Zhou, King Zhou climbed on the Deer Terrace and burnt himself to death in the fire. King Wu of Zhou “scattered the money of the deer platform, send a huge bridge of corn, in order to Zhen the poor and weak Meng subordinates”. Zhou died and the platform was destroyed.

According to the county records in the Tang Dynasty on the old site of the Deer Terrace reconstruction Deer Terrace Temple, to enlighten future generations, view Deer Terrace Temple site still exists. The deer platform is the merit of the people, but it is also the evidence of the tyranny of King Zhou of Yin. There is a poem to remember this: Remembering the old days when the King of Shang started the Deer Terrace, he did not think about fixing the capital and gathering the people’s money, but now the Terrace is scattered and empty, and there are only idle clouds from the traffic.

When the deer platform was completed, sometimes as evidence, the poem said: deer platform towering through the clouds, and sent Cheng Tang roots and seedlings. The earthworkers are disappointed, the people resent the ghosts should be demons. Cannibalism Chong Hou evil, flattering to meet Fei Zhong lord. Seducing foxes and singing the moon at night, the Shang Dynasty is like floating in the water.

Myth and Legend

According to legend, Daji was killed by a “nine-tailed demon fox” and was attached to her body. In order to meet with other demons and foxes to discuss important matters, she claimed that the place where the deer platform was located was a blessed place where she could build a high platform and invite immortals to come down to earth to make King Zhou live forever. King Zhou was so happy that he agreed. It is said that after the deer platform was built, Daji and King Zhou used to feast with the “immortal” (actually a fox demon) and had a great time. The famous minister Bigan had a “seven-eyed heart” and could check all the demons. Once he attended a banquet at Lutai as a royal uncle and found out that the so-called immortals were actually fox demons! Later he found the foxes and ordered his general Huang Feihu to burn them to death, and made their skins into a fox skin coat for King Zhou. This incident offended Daji, and then the “Bi Gan heart cutting” tragedy occurred ……

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