From Jiang Ziya to see the path of students seeking employment

He was born into the noble family of Lu, but his family fell into disgrace; he started his career in Chao Ge, but he thought that Shang Zhou was obscene and violent. He had the talent, he had the vision, how could he get along with the foul king? So he resolutely resigned from his official position and started a life of reclusion. In order to earn a living, he slaughtered beef in Chaoge (present-day Qi County, Henan Province) and sold wine in Mengjin (present-day northeast of Mengjin County, Henan Province). Then at an opportune time, he made his own unique way out of the world. His way of going out was a successful process of self-propagation, which can be a reference for our current job search path.

At the time of the tyranny of Shang Zhou, the desolation and corruption of the dynasty, the social darkness, economic collapse and the lack of livelihood of the people, the western Zhou state of Xi Bo Ji Chang (later King Wen of Zhou) advocated benevolent governance, economic development, the implementation of the policy of diligent and thrifty state and the prosperity of the people, social clarity and the recruitment of wise people. But at this time, Jiang Ziya was just a merchant, no fame, no achievement. So how should he be appointed?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Jiang Tai Gong fishes – the one who wants to take the bait”. The story of Jiang Ziya is from “King Wu’s Expulsion of Zhou”: Jiang Shang was ordered to keep the time, straight hook fishing: “The one who is negative to the order comes on the hook!” From here we can find Jiang Ziya’s unique way of fishing with a straight hook to win the public’s attention.

In fact, there are many ways of saying that Jiang Ziya served Zhou, but the result is that he served Zhou. Sima Qian also mentioned in “Shi Ji Qi Taigong Shi Ji”, “said Lv Shang so serve Zhou although different, but to be the teacher of Wen and Wu.” But in any case, this is a very successful case of self-marketing, if there is no Jiang Ziya’s fishing how to have success and fame afterwards? Although he had a full belly and aspirations, he would have been buried in the marketplace. His self-propagation was successful, and his success and fame were achieved. What can we learn from Jiang Ziya, so that students can learn from the future path of job hunting?

First, he knew how to give up and was willing to sink.

He originally worked as an official in Chao Ge, because “different ways are not the same” and resolutely give up his official position, even if life is difficult, but also his regret. This is the first step, dare to pursue what you want, rather than muddle through, get by, and rest on your laurels. Imagine if he had not resigned from his official position, he would still be in that despicable dynasty, living his life in that small official position, and his talents would not have been reflected, let alone left in history. But because he dared to put down and pursue, he was able to achieve success afterwards. Contemporary youth, students in the future of employment path selection, perhaps choose to get by, rather than looking for their own strengths in the direction of efforts to the heart of love to fight, and perhaps buried in a lifetime of complicated and boring work, and can not have a role. In the choice of career, you should learn to give up and find the position that can really play the strengths. Jiang Taigong knew how to give up and pursue his heart’s desire, and finally achieved great success.

Secondly, he chose the right person – Ji Chang. As we all know, the direction is the guiding light to move forward, is the choice of one’s path to success. Because Ji Chang was committed to the development of clear politics, this provided a platform for Jiang Ziya’s development afterwards. Once, King Wu asked Taigong, “What is the method for a wise ruler to rule the country and teach the people?” Taigong said to him, “A wise ruler does not harm the public with his private interests: he does not reward the unmeritorious, he does not punish the innocent, he does not abrogate the law from the synopsis of hatred, he does not avoid the beloved; he does not punish out of anger, he does not reward out of joy; he does not enslave the lowly with high platforms and deep pools, he does not harm the peasants with carved texts and paintings, he does not disrupt the government with the desire of his ears and eyes. The government of the fallen kingdom is also governed by the king of the country. This is the rule of the king of the fallen state.” ´╝łKing Wu listened to his words and obeyed his orders, and was careful to enforce his rewards, so that the politics of the Zhou Dynasty became more and more clear. From this, we can see that he chose a good leader and went in the right direction, which made Zhou and Jiang Ziya. Just because there is a wise master, it is better to inspire the wise ministers. Today’s employment situation is severe, but today a person will be once or several times in a lifetime job-hopping is also a boom, once in the eyes of the “iron rice bowl” does not seem so “iron”, we can have the ability to have the conditions to choose with their own We can choose a unit with our own like-mindedness if we have the ability and conditions. But do not blindly insist that your direction is the right one, but make the right choice with the current reality.

Again, he chose a unique way, and a good way is an invisible shortcut. Jiang Ziya’s life is difficult, which has the leisure to straight hook fishing? It is just a way to understand the current situation and achieve self-realization. Jiang Ziya did not have a direct audience, nor was he introduced by others, but through a different way of fishing – straight hooks to arouse people’s curiosity, to raise people’s attention to him, to achieve the effect of “nothing but nothing”, to achieve self-propagation, to achieve life Aspirations. This approach is extremely risky. In today’s society, it is impossible to show their talents just through the “curiosity” of others, but if our own strength is good, we can find our own highlights in many job seekers, as well as their own unique works, achievements, may become the help of the job search career.

Finally, talent and bones are essential. Even though Jiang Ziya in the city, but always tirelessly study and discuss the way to rule the country, in order to one day be able to make great achievements and serve the country. Even when he was a businessman, he never forgot to study, which is an important reason why he had enough talent to see over the rise of the state. Even if you have a thousand popularity, the ability is but an empty shell, then it is only a vase. Jiang Ziya’s knowledgeable, knowledgeable about history and the current situation of the talent, is the foundation of his success. In the job search process, only their real talent is the backbone of the position, if it is a false appearance, then, no matter how unique your job search, determination, will do nothing.

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