King Chuzhuang’s generosity

Once, King Chu Zhuang was very happy because he had won a big battle, so he hosted a big dinner party for his ministers in the palace.

The king called out his favorite concubine Xu Ji to take turns to pour wine for the courtiers.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew into the palace, and the candles were blown out by the wind, making the palace dark.

In the darkness, someone tugged on Xu Ji’s sleeve and tried to get close to her. Then Xu Ji came to King Zhuang’s side and told him, “Someone tried to molest me in the dark, I have pulled off his tassel.

King Zhuang of Chu (one of the Five Hegemons of the Spring and Autumn Period)

King Zhuang said, “Wait a minute! I have invited you all here to drink today, and it is not appropriate to blame you for being rude after drinking. Besides, all the generals serve the country, how can I insult my generals just to show your chastity?”

After saying that, King Zhuang shouted to the crowd without moving, “Everyone, today I invite you all to drink, and you must enjoy yourselves, so please all pull off your hat tassels, it is not enough to enjoy yourself without pulling off your hat tassels!”

The king then ordered the candles to be lit again, and the palace was filled with laughter.

Three years later, Jin invaded Chu, and King Zhuang personally led his troops to meet the war.

King Zhuang of Chu

During the battle, King Zhuang found a general in his army who was always in the front, and under his influence, all the soldiers also fought bravely and with high spirit. In this battle, the Jin army was defeated and the Chu army returned to the court with a great victory.

After the battle, King Zhuang brought the general to him and asked him, “I saw that you fought bravely this time, but I did not seem to have given you any special benefit in the past.

The general knelt before King Zhuang and replied with his head bowed, “Three years ago, I should have been executed for my drunken rudeness in the king’s palace, but the king did not pursue or ask for punishment, but tried to save my face. Since then, I have been ready to repay the king’s kindness with my life. This time, it is my chance to repay your kindness with my life, that’s why I am willing to kill the enemy, even if I die in battle. Your Majesty, I am the sinner whose tassel was pulled off by the princess three years ago!

Statue of King Chu Chuang

King Chu Zhuang and the soldiers present were greatly moved by his words.

King Chu Zhuang walked down the steps to help the general up, who was already sobbing uncontrollably.

This story tells us that if we can analyze problems correctly, look at the big picture, and not let the small things in front of us disturb our minds, sometimes, bad things can become good things. So we must keep our minds clear, so that we can treat things sensibly Oh!

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