Alliance of Reprobation

The Alliance of Reprobation refers to two important diplomatic events during the period of Jin and Chu’s hegemony. In the seventh year of King Jane of the Zhou (579 BC) and the twenty-sixth year of King Ling of the Zhou (546 BC), the rulers of Song, Hua Yuan and Xiang Xu, summoned Jin and Chu to meet twice at Song to share the hegemony equally.

The more famous of these two alliances was the one held in July of the 26th year of King Ling of Zhou (546 BC). Unlike the previous alliances, which were attended by the rulers themselves, this one was attended by powerful officials from each country. The meeting was attended by the powerful governors of 14 countries, including Jin, Chu, Song, Lu, Wei, Chen, Zheng, Cao, Xu, and Cai. The meeting agreed to stop the wars between the countries, to make Jin and Chu the common hegemon, to share the hegemony equally, and to pay tribute to Jin and Chu except Qi and Qin, and whoever broke the agreement, the countries would discuss it together.

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