Han Zhuo

About the character

Han Zhuo, surname, name Zhuo (zhuĆ³). The usurped monarch in the Xia Dynasty was excluded from the emperor only because of his bad reputation, and the Chinese history dominated by Confucianism, excluded him from the empire.

Han Zhuo
Han Zhuo was a delinquent young man from the Beming tribe of the Eastern Yi tribe. He was expelled by the Beming monarch for creating rumors and confusing the public, but was later taken in by Yi, the leader of the You poor tribe. Yi trusted him so much that he made him his minister. After Yi exiled the Xia ruler, Xiang An, and seized the power of the Xia dynasty, he was too busy hunting for fun, alienating such wise officials as Wu Luo, Bo Su, Xiong Guan, and Long Gao, and relying on Han Zhuo. He wanted to replace Yi, so he tried to curry favor with Yi’s wife, Xuan Wife, internally and externally by giving her money to buy people’s hearts. The wife also conspired with Han Zhuo to kill Yi when he returned to his country from hunting. After killing Yi, Han Zhuo made a meat soup and gave it to Yi’s son, who refused to eat it and was executed outside the gate of the country. The son of Yi refused to eat and was executed outside the gate of the kingdom. Sustainability then married the wife of Xuan and seized the power of Yi, while the minister loyal to the Xia dynasty was forced to flee to the Yili clan. The Xia dynasty’s loyal minister, Wu, was forced to flee to the Youli clan.

Han Zhuo had two sons, one was named Han Zhui, who was feuded in the over (near the sea northwest of Laizhou City, Shandong Province), and the other was named Han Pigs, who was feuded in the Go (between Shangqiu City and Xinzheng City, Henan Province).

After Han Zhuo killed Xiang An, his concubine Lin Lin fled to her mother’s family, the You Still Clan (Rencheng District, Jining City, Shandong Province, or Jinxiang County, Jining City), and gave birth to Shaokang. Shaokang grew up and served as a shepherd of the Youyi clan, then fled to the Youyu clan (present-day south of Yucheng County, Henan Province) as a butcher, married the two daughters of the patriarch of the Youyu clan, Yu Si, and got Lunyi (present-day southeast of Yucheng County, Henan Province) as his base.

Shaokang took possession of a 10-mile radius of land and had 500 soldiers, so he began to plan the revival of the Xia Dynasty. He gathered the remnants of the Pui Gung clan and the Pui Xin clan in the Yuri clan, made Shaokang the leader, and crushed and destroyed Han Zhuo. Shaokang also sent a female Ai to spy on Han Zhui’s army, and then he attacked and killed Han Zhui.


Early Experience

The descendants of the Beming clan, the ancestors of the Yellow Emperor, were the descendants of the Yellow Emperor’s Chezheng Ai (nowadays, some people believe that he was the descendant of the Yan Emperor, but because of his poor reputation, he was reassigned to the descendants of the Yellow Emperor). He was born in the seventh year of King Zhongkang of Xia, and his parents were so proud and spoiled that they let him do whatever he wanted. When he was just a teenager, he was so disturbed by his parents that they had to criticize him for his behavior. The neighbors had to sue the patriarch. The neighbors complained to the patriarch, who was furious and ordered him to be expelled from the country and never allowed to return. At that time, Han Zhuo was only thirteen years old.

Following Hou Yi

It is written that after being expelled, Han Zhuo did not show any remorse. The soldiers escorting him asked him if he wanted to go home to say goodbye to his parents, but he said no, and without hesitation, he went on his way with the soldiers and left the country without looking back. After leaving his homeland, he thought about where to go next. At that time he heard that Yi, the king of the poor country, had captured the capital of the Xia Dynasty and made himself king, calling himself the Son of Heaven. He thought Yi was a great hero, so he decided to go and join him. On his way, he stayed with a family in the mountains and met a strange man who took him as his pupil because he loved his intelligence and cleverness. Fearing that his master would take others as disciples, he poisoned his master’s whole family to death, then raided his master’s belongings, set fire to his entire family and house, and set out on the road to the jungle.

In the autumn of Hou Yi’s thirty years, he came to the summer capital of Xin Xin, and stayed in the city for more than ten days before he could easily find a chance to meet Hou Yi, and he won his favor with his intelligence and eloquence. Despite the opposition of the ministers, Hou Yi kept him in the court and adopted him as his righteous son. He knew that he had a bad reputation and had to change his old habits if he wanted to stay here for a long time. On the one hand, he used various means to win Hou Yi’s trust. On the other hand, he made friends with the powerful people in the court and tried to reduce his antagonism. When Hou Yi saw that he was physically strong and brave, he made him a small chief in the army. Han Zhuo took advantage of this opportunity and participated in many battles against the vassals and received many awards for his achievements. Within a year of joining the army, he became a brave general.

At that time, the Fang Yi state, which had been under the jurisdiction of the poor state, suddenly rebelled and stopped paying tribute. Hou Yi sent Han Zhuo to lead an expedition and won a great victory, and Fang Yi rejoined the poor state. Hou Yi was so happy that he promoted him to the position of the left general of the army. He also arranged for his marriage and started a family.

Powerful in the court

After several promotions, he became the head minister of the court.

Like many kings, Hou Yi, the poor ruler, became corrupt and corrupting in his peaceful environment. He was greedy for women and wine, liked to go on hunting trips, and entrusted all the affairs of the court to his righteous son, Han Zhuo. Han Zhuo used the power given to him by Hou Yi to form a clique to develop and strengthen his own power. At the same time, he tried to please his father in every way possible. When Hou Yi was a lover, he chose many beautiful women from all over the world who could sing and dance well to accompany his father in the palace. Hou Yi liked hunting, so he selected dozens of good horses from all over the world for his father to ride when he went hunting, and trained hundreds of hunting masters for his father to call. Hou Yi was so satisfied that he said to his ministers, “It is the blessing of my life to have such a good son as Han Zhuo.”

However, the ministers Wu Luo, Bo Yin, Xiong Wu, and Shou Wu stood up and poured cold water on him. They thought that by doing so, Han Zhuo was leading the king to an evil path, a path that would lead to the downfall of the kingdom and a terrible future. They suggested to Hou Yi that he should be removed from office and punished. But Hou Yi shook his head repeatedly and said, “You are thinking too much, I treat Han Zhuo like my own son, how could he harm me? He did not listen to the advice of everyone, but still reused Han Yi and indulged in the pleasures of the palace. The old ministers who had been with him for decades were all cold-hearted, and they sighed, “The poor country is finished!

He had been coveting the throne for a long time, and all he had done was to prepare for the seizure of the Aristocrats’ power. On the surface, he respectfully called Hou Yi his father, but secretly he called him an old man and a lecher.

In the thirty-first year of Hou Yi, despite the opposition of his ministers, Hou Yi worshiped Han Zhuo as his minister and made him take charge of the imperial government.

In the thirty-second year of Hou Yi, Hou Yi kept many beautiful women in his palace for his lustful pleasure and was not satisfied.

This girl named pure fox, is a talented and beautiful girl.

Once, Hou Yi was out on a carriage tour and saw this charming woman in the wild. He immediately ordered someone to investigate the girl’s family history, and learned that she was the daughter of a vassal named Pure Fox, so he forcibly recruited her into the palace and took her as a young consort. Pure Fox was very dissatisfied with this marriage, but she was an extremely smart woman, outwardly obedient to Hou Yi, but secretly planning to kill him. So she secretly seduced Han Zhuo and soon had an affair with him. By this time, Han Zhuo already had a wife and a concubine, and his wife bore him two sons. He was not a lover of women, but he had a crush on the pure fox. The two of them plotted to kill Hou Yi and seize his throne after their affair. In order to achieve their goal, Pure Fox pretended to be very affectionate to Hou Yi and took the opportunity to coax him into giving him an important task.

Taking over the throne

In three years, Han Zhuo and Pure Fox conspired to kill Hou Yi’s trusted ministers, including Wu Luo, Bo Yin, Xiong Ji, and Shou Gao, one after another. By the 19th year of Hou Yi’s reign, almost all of the ministers in the court had become the deadly friends of Han Zhuo. When Han Zhuo thought the time was ripe, he planned to find an opportunity to kill him. Soon after, he was caught in bed with a drunken Hou Yi while committing adultery with a pure fox. Hou Yi was furious and wanted to kill him, but he was no match for him and was killed by him in his bed. The year Gengchen was the first year of Sustainability.

It is said in the history books that after the reign of Han Zhuo, he brutally slaughtered the Aristocrats. He ordered his men to chop up Hou Yi’s corpse into meat, add poisonous drugs to it and cook it into meat cakes, and then give it to Hou Yi’s clansmen to eat, and those who ate it were poisoned to death, while those who did not eat it were chopped up by soldiers. The situation was unbearable. Some of the poor tribesmen fled to remote areas for fear of being killed, and those who stayed behind also joined other vassals under anonymous names. From then on, there were no more poor tribesmen in the Central Plains.

Wealthy and strong army

He knew in his heart that he was only occupying half of the Xia Dynasty, and it would be difficult for him to hold on to his throne until the Xia Dynasty was destroyed. He knew he did not have the strength to attack the Xia Hou clan, but he had to take precautions, he believed that the Xia Wangxiang would definitely unite the lords to attack him.

As he expected, in the spring of the next year, the king of Xia united with the lords, the Pei Xin Clan and the Pei Gou Clan, and attacked the state of Han in three ways. Because of the early preparation of Han Zhuo, Xiang’s army only bluffed and shouted for a few days, and then the two armies confronted each other for more than a month, and finally returned without success.

Han Zhuo did not let down his guard because of the retreat of the Xia army. He continued to recruit young and strong men into the army, strengthen the military force, and prepare for war at all times. In order to win the hearts and minds of the people, he also implemented a series of policies such as cutting the rich to help the poor and reducing taxes, so that the people’s lives gradually improved and the country gradually grew richer.

The original wife of Han Zhuo was a northern woman with a sturdy body and good kung fu skills. Her surname was Jiang Li and she was a descendant of the Jiuli Chi You clan. The two of them met on the battlefield and fell in love with each other, so Jiang Li led her tribe to surrender to Sustainability. When Han Zhuo returned from the war, the ruler of the country, Hou Yi, gave them a marriage and personally officiated their wedding. Later, Jiang Li gave birth to two sons, the eldest of whom was named Han Zhui, with a leopard’s head, wolf’s eyes, a tiger’s back and a bear’s waist. The second son was named Han Xiu, who was long and strong and as powerful as an ox. Both sons were born with great strength and fierce warfare, with their mother’s brave and strong bloodline and their father’s wit and cunning wisdom, and they began to lead soldiers and kill when they were teenagers.

The Battle of Xia

In the eleventh year of Han Zhuo, that is, the nineteenth year of Xia Wangxiang, Han Zhuo, with the support of his two sons, launched a surprise attack on the territory of the Xia Dynasty. Since the Xia Hou clan was unprepared, the attack was very successful, and not only did they plunder a large amount of property, but they also captured many people. All of them were given to his ministers as slaves. This battle strengthened the determination of Han Zhuo to destroy Xia, and he made a lot of preparations for the military war and decided to choose the right time to launch a full-scale attack on the Xia Dynasty.

In the twelfth year of Sustainability, the great battle between Han and Xia finally broke out. First, he ordered his eldest son Han Zhui to lead the main force to attack Yi Yi (between Taikang and Qixian County in Henan Province), while he and his second son Han Xiao each led an army to bluff and pretend to attack the Xia capital Di Qiu and the Du Xin Clan (southwest of Weifang in Shandong Province), so that they would not dare to reinforce the Du Clan. As a result, the Pukung clan fought alone and was quickly defeated by the powerful Hanshui army, Yi Yi fell, and the leader of the Pukung clan, Si Kaijia, led the remnants to retreat to Pukung (the capital of the Xia Hou clan, northeast of present-day Shouguang City in Shandong Province).

Han Zhuo was successful in his first battle and made a big feast to his ministers. He made his eldest son Han Zhui the king of over-eup (northwest of Laizhou City in Shandong Province) and his second son Han Xiu the king of Yi-eup. Although Han won the battle, many troops were lost and many young men died on the battlefield. Han Zhuo decided to stop the war for the time being, so that he could raise his strength for another battle. At this time, King Si Xiang of Xia had sufficient ability to counterattack, but he was too frightened by the powerful offensive of the State of Han to organize an army to attack, and instead ordered to strengthen the defense of the border towns, which left a good opportunity for the State of Han to recuperate.

In the 18th year of Sustainability, the army of the State of Cold was stronger than before after six years of rest and recuperation. Han Zhuo once again mobilized his army to wage a second battle with the Xia Dynasty. He still ordered Han to lead the main force to attack the vassals, the Dugu clan. The leader of the Dugu clan, Si Kaijia, led his army to meet the enemy and was ambushed by Han. Han’s army captured the summer capital, and massacred the people in the city. Those who survived were tied up and made slaves.

In the nineteenth year of the reign of Han Zhuo, Han poured out his victory and attacked the Pusheen clan. When Si Muding, the leader of the Xia Xin clan, heard that Si Kaijia had been killed in battle, he wanted to avenge his death and was furious when he learned that Han’s army had invaded his territory. Both sides by boat in the Weifang River (now Weifang, Shandong Province) on a fierce battle. At that time, the Weifang River is deep and fast, the water is wide, suitable for water warfare. Most of Si Mu Ding’s army did not know how to use the water and had to fight the enemy on the boat. Han water to take advantage of this weakness of the Xia army, sent dozens of sailors to dive underwater, cut through the Si Mu Ding’s warships. The Xia army saw the ship leaking very panic, the cold army took the opportunity to attack and kill, most of the Xia troops drowned, the survivors were also killed. Si Mu Ding was also killed by the cold army in the melee. When the Pixin clan was destroyed, all of its land was occupied by the Han state, and most of its people were reduced to slaves.

In the 20th year of the Han dynasty, the Han dynasty destroyed the two major lords, the Pulcu and the Puxin, and removed the right arm of the Xia dynasty. Immediately afterwards, they divided their troops into three groups to besiege the summer capital, Di Qiu. The king of Xia led the people of the city to resist to the death, but he was unable to stop the powerful attack of Han’s army because of his weakness. The cold army broke through the Dichu and slaughtered the people and the ministers of the Xia Hou clan, killing the king and his clan.

At this point, the Xia Dynasty officially died, and all of Xia’s ruling area was under the control of Han Zhuo.

Success and Failure

Han Zhuo thought that he had killed all the descendants of the Xia Dynasty, but he never expected that Houlin, the pregnant concubine of the Xia king, would crawl out from the water hole under the city wall unnoticed. She fled to her mother’s home in Jining, Shandong Province, dressed as a peasant woman.

In the twenty-first year of Han Zhuo, Houlin, the consort of Xiang, gave birth to a boy named Shaokang in Youyan.

Shaokang grew up in his maternal grandfather’s house and later became a herding official in Youyan. The news of Shaokang’s identity was leaked to Han Zhuo, who was so shocked that he sent his son, Han Zhui, to arrest Shaokang. Shaokang fled to Youyu (southwest of Yucheng County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province) after hearing the news.

In the thirty-ninth year of Han Zhuo, Shaokang was recruited by Yu Si, the ruler of Youyu, as his son-in-law. Yu Si also gave him Lunyi (east of Yucheng County, Shangqiu City, Henan Province), rewarded him with ten hectares of good land and 500 soldiers. He did not forget his father’s revenge and the humiliation of his death, but studied hard in literature and martial arts, and made friends with warriors and wise men from all over the world to prepare his strength for the restoration of the country.

In the fifty-fifth year of Sustainability, a veteran of the Xia Dynasty, Bo Wu, who had fled to Li (a vassal state of the Xia Dynasty, northwest of Plain County, Dezhou City, Shandong Province), secretly contacted the remaining members of the Pui Gou and Pui Xin clans and led them to join Shao Kang, forming a restoration army and declaring war on the Cold Kingdom.

In the fifty-seventh year of Sustainability, Shao Kang’s restoration army attacked Han Zhui’s feudal state, captured the city, and killed Han Zhui, the eldest son of Sustainability.

In the fifty-ninth year of Sustainability, Shao Kang ordered his eldest son, Loom, to lead an attack on Yi Yi, and Han Xiao, the second son of Sustainability, led an army to meet him.

In the 60th year of Sustainability, Shao Kang’s restoration army conquered the two major fiefdoms of Sustainability and recovered most of the Central Plains. After that, they marched to attack the capital city of Han Milestone, Xin. At this time, Han Milestone was nearly eighty years old and was unable to fight in the war, so he had to hide in his palace to survive. When his men saw that the situation was over, they suddenly revolted when the Xia army was besieging the city, pulled him out of his consort’s nest, opened the gates, and sacrificed him to Shao Kang. Shaokang ordered him to be put to death and ordered the extermination of the Han Milestone family.

Members of the family


First wife: Jiang Li.

Step-mate: Pure Fox.


Han Zhizhu: He was feuded in the area near the sea, northwest of Laizhou City, Shandong Province.

Han Zhigang: one is “Han Jue”, was sealed in Go (between Shangqiu City and Xinzheng City of Henan Province)

Controversy] on the “cold water and cold breathing mother”, there has been controversy: one said that the first wife Jiang Li was born, but according to the “over the surname genealogy” and other documents is Chang’e born, pending verification.

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