King You of Zhou

King You of Zhou (795 BC-771 BC), surnamed Ji Gong Nei (Palace Palace in the Records of the Grand Historian), was the son of King Xuan of Zhou and the twelfth king of the Western Zhou Dynasty, who reigned for 11 years from 782 BC to 771 BC.

In 782 B.C., King Xuan of Zhou died and was succeeded by Ji Gongmao, who became King You of Zhou. According to “The Records of the Grand Historian”, King Yu lost the trust of the lords when he played with the vassals to get a laugh from Bao Si. Later, King You appointed a sycophant Guo Shifu as his secretary, and his abolition of Queen Shen and the crown prince made Shen Hou, the father of Queen Shen, very angry, so he conspired with the suzerain state and the western barbarian Injun to attack King You. In 771 B.C., the Injuns invaded the capital of the Western Zhou Dynasty, Haojing, and the King of You raised a beacon for help, but no lords were willing to go. In the end, King You was killed under Mount Li, and the Injuns “took all the bribes from Zhou and left”, and the Western Zhou was destroyed.

After the death of King Phantom, the posthumous name of King You, the vassal lords jointly appointed his son Ji Yishu to succeed him as King Ping of Zhou, which was known as the Eastern Zhou.

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