King Ping moved to the east

The eastward relocation of Ping Wang was a historical event in which the royal family of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty moved the capital from Jiajing to Luoyi in the early Eastern Zhou Dynasty.

At the time of King you of Zhou, he abolished the queen of Shen and the prince Yishu, and made his favorite praise as the queen, and Bo Fu was the crown prince.
In 771 BC, Shen Hou, the father of Shen Hou, colluded with Dog Rong to break through Haojing.
The king of Zhou Youwang lit a beacon fire for help, and some princes surnamed Ji were slow to work hard because of their own interests.
King you of Zhou was finally killed in Lishan and perished in the Western Zhou Dynasty.
After that, the princes with surnames supported the prince Yiju as king, which was the king of Zhou Ping.
The princes surnamed Zhong Ji supported Yu Chen, the younger brother of the king of Zhou you, as the king of Zhou in Xiyi.
Yujing had been damaged by earthquake, dilapidated, and close to Rong, Di and other external threats, so King Ping moved the capital to Luoyi in 770 BC under the protection of Zheng, Qin, Jin and other princes, and began the history of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty.
The eastward migration of King Ping was an important event for historians to divide the period of time, and it was also the turning point of the national situation of the Zhou Dynasty.
The Zhou Dynasty after King Ping moved its capital was called the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, while the period from the establishment of the King of Zhou Wu to the killing of King Zhou you was called the Western Zhou Dynasty.
After the Pingwang moved eastward, the monarchy of the son of Zhou began to decline and could not assume the responsibility of the communist master. the vassal forces continued to grow, and finally formed a situation in which the heroes competed for hegemony in the Spring and Autumn period.

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