Duke Huan of Qi

Duke Huan of Qi (?
(October 7, 643 BC), during the Spring and Autumn period, the 15th monarch of the State of Qi, surnamed Jiang, Qi (whose ancestor was Lu), was named Xiaobai.

Duke Huan of Qi is the 12th grandson of Jiang Taigong Lu Shang, the third son of the Duke of Qi, the younger brother of the Duke of Qi Xiang, and his mother is from the State of Wei.
After the eldest son Qi Xiang Gong and his nephew Gongsun ignorance died one after another in the chaos in Qi, Prince Xiaobai disputed the throne with the Prince, and became king after success.
He is known as the head of the five hegemons of the Spring and Autumn period, and he is also called “Qi Huan Jin Wen” with the Duke of Jin Dynasty.
Duke Huan of Qi appointed Guan Zhong as prime minister, carried out the reform, implemented the system of the integration of military and government and the integration of soldiers and people, and the state of Qi became stronger and stronger.
In 679 BC, Duke Huan of Qi convened an alliance of princes of Song, Chen and other four Kingdoms in Zhen (now Juancheng, Shandong Province). Duke Huan of Qi was the first vassal in history to act as the leader of the alliance.
At that time, the princes of Central China suffered from the attack of Rong Di and other nomadic tribes, so Duke Huan of Qi played the banner of “respecting the king and bustling Yi”. Under the banner of “respecting the king and bustling Yi”, he attacked Shanrong in the north and invaded Chu in the south, and became the first overlord of the Central Plains and was rewarded by the son of Zhou.
Duke Huan of Qi was obscure in his later years, and after Guan Zhong’s death, he employed villains such as Yi Ya, Vertical Diao, Kai Fang, Chang Zhi Wu and so on.
He died of illness on October 7, 643 BC (October of the 17th year of the Duke of Lu).

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