Duke of Qin Mu(Qin Mugong)

The change of law by Shang Yang and the strong rise of Qin. After the Duke of Qin, the successive kings of the state were unparalleled saints and kings. People remember King Hui Wen of Qin, people are happy with the great achievements of King Zhao of Qin, people can’t help themselves with the sweeping of the six nations by Qin Shi Huang.

It is as if the history of Qin began with Qin Xiaogong and ended with Qin Er Shi, as if the history before Xiaogong was the distant past. The history books, you will be surprised at the difficulties of the Qin people to start, taste the history, you will understand that the history of Qin before Shang Yang’s change of law is not so lackluster.

In the course of the development of Qin, there is such a monarch, who once shocked the vassals, called the hegemon, it is in his hands, laid a strong map of Qin, the history of Qin far-reaching impact on the country.

He was Duke Mu of Qin. He was the first ruler of Qin who was admired by the Duke of Qin.

Duke Mu of Qin

In 659 B.C., the world was still the same, with many vassals, and the state of Qin was still the same, weak and barren. People were not interested in paying attention to the new ruler of Qin, Duke Qin Mu, who could not afford to make any waves in the big waves.

Duke Qin Mu was not eager to show his muscles to the lords because he did not. Qin Mu Gong just quietly recruited talents, because he understood that only by using the right people could he revitalize the state of Qin.

Baili Xi, the former governor of the state of Yu, was destroyed by Jin, and Baili Xi became a fish on the chopping block. When Duke Xian of Jin married his daughter to Duke Mu of Qin, Baili Xi became a slave to accompany him.

Of course, Baili Xi could not bear this huge difference in his life, he died in Qin and went to Wan, but unfortunately, he was caught by a group of village people in Chu. He was caught by a group of villagers in Chu. He had just left the wolf’s den and entered the tiger’s mouth.

The Duke of Qin Mu admired Baili Xi’s virtuous reputation, and he wanted to pay a large sum of money to buy him, but he was afraid that the Chu people would be suspicious. The Duke of Qin gave a message to the Chu people, “You have my slave, how about I give you five ram skins for him?

A seventy-year-old slave was worth five rams’ skins, so the Chu people were happy to deal with him.

The Duke of Qin Mu personally opened the prison cart for him and consulted him on state affairs.

The dead subject was as good as dead. But the Duke of Qin’s sincerity and fear finally awakened Baili Xi’s heart to build his career.

Qin Mu Gong and Baili Xi talked for three days, was very happy, immediately granted Baili Xi to the state government. The Duke of Qin and Baili Xi perfectly illustrated what the golden wind and the dew were.

From then on, Baili Xi had a more famous name, Wu Ewe Dafu, five sheepskin for Qin Dafu.

Baili Xi [Stills

Baili Xi recommended his friend Jian Shu for Duke Mu of Qin, who thought he was the upper dafu.

After the death of Duke Xian of Jin, the state of Jin was plunged into civil unrest and two successive kings were killed. The fugitive son of Jin, Yiwu, promised Duke Mu of Qin that if Qin helped him to ascend to the throne of Jin, he would cede eight cities in the western part of the river to Qin.

The Duke of Qin agreed and immediately sent Bai Li Xi to escort Yi Wu to Jin.

When he became the ruler of Jin, Yiwu played dumb and did not mention the cession of land to Qin. The Duke of Qin was furious, but he finally suppressed the fire in his heart. Jin was still very powerful and could not be beaten up whenever you wanted.

When a drought occurred in Jin, he asked Qin for help. The Qin court was inundated with calls to kill Jin, and heaven forbid, dish him out.

The Duke of Qin Mu aimed his eyes at Baili Xi, who faintly said, “The king of Jin has offended you, the people are innocent.

So the grain of Qin was transported to the capital of Jin in a steady stream. The grain caravan was continuous and incessant.

The Duke of Qin was praised by all the lords of the world for his action, and instantly stood on the moral high ground, gaining a lot of points for his future domination.

In the 14th year of Duke Mu of Qin, Qin was in a severe drought and asked for help from Jin. The king of Jin, Yiwu, was overjoyed, but there was a better opportunity to kill Qin than this.

Qin and Jin fought a battle. Unfortunately, Yiwu became a prisoner of the Qin army. The Duke of Qin’s inner mountain rain erupted, I will sacrifice the life of the king of Jin to God.

The son of Zhou immediately called, the ruler of Jin has the same surname as me, please also restrain your anger. The wife of Duke Mu of Qin also wore mourning clothes and bare feet, her face was full of pity, please also let my brother go (Yiwu was the brother of the wife of Duke Mu of Qin).

The anger of Duke Mu of Qin was gradually extinguished.

Duke Mu eventually sent Yiwu back. He understood that as a ruler, he could not be righteous and could not let out his anger for a moment and put Qin in the limelight.

Once again, Duke Mu received wild praise from the lords of the world, and Duke Mu’s broad and boundless mind was known to the world. To be a hegemon, not only must the fist be hard, morality is a must item.

Yiwu [Stills

Of course, the Qin state also got a real benefit this time. After Yiwu’s return, he ceded Jin’s land west of the river to Qin in accordance with the covenant and sent Prince Zi Nian to Qin as a hostage.

Qin’s territory advanced in the hands of Mu Gong to the Yellow River line in Shaanxi and Shanxi. (It was the time when Qin land reached east to the river)

The greatest contribution of Duke Mu to the history of Qin was the incorporation of the Western Rong lands into the territory of Qin.

In that year, because of the merit of escorting King Ping of Zhou back to Luo Yi in the east, Duke Xiang of Qin was made a vassal and given the land west of Qi.

However, Qin was only nominally given the land of Qi and Feng because it was under the domain of the Rong. The son of Zhou made it very clear that if you defeat them, the land is yours.

Because of becoming a vassal, and because of the promise of the Son of Zhou, Qin’s big dream was opened from then on.

Duke Xian spent the rest of his life devoted to capturing the land of Xiongnu, and eventually died in battle.

After Duke Xiang, seven generations of Qin kings failed to achieve anything. The land of Xiongnu was a piece of cake, but Qin just couldn’t eat it.

Until history put the power into the hands of Duke Mu of Qin.

Duke Mu loved and loved Yu, the messenger of the king of Qin, who came to Qin on a mission. Yu Yu was too talented, but he was a minister of someone else’s family. With him, how could the oligarch take the land of the Western Rong.

At the suggestion of the Inner Historian, Duke Mu deliberately left Yu Yu behind and sent people to the Rong king from time to time to claim credit for Yu Yu.

At the same time, the beautiful women of Qin were sent to the king of Rong at the first time.

The king of Rong is in the west of the land, all the year round taste of the northwest and southeast wind, which has seen such a watery, so graceful beauty, the important thing is that these beauties are also talented, dance beautiful song sweet, sleeve folded waist.

The night is short, the day is high, from now on the king of the rong does not morning.

After the return of Yu, the king of Rong is not the king of Rong, almost ignore the state affairs, the beauty is always in the shadow.

The king of the country was not the same as before.

In addition to Qin’s interlocutory scheme, Yu finally had no choice but to put himself into Qin’s embrace.

Yuyu [Stills

The king’s kingdom was in decline, but Duke Mu’s temple was full of talents. In the 37th year of Duke Mu’s reign, the Qin army invaded the Rong. The land of Xirong was finally owned by Qin.

The Book of History. The Chronicles of Qin” reads, “The State of Yi was twelve, and opened up a thousand miles of land, and then dominated the Western Rong.”

The unattainable piece of meat was finally eaten by Qin at the hands of Duke Mu.

Without the pioneering work of Mu Gong, it is hard to say that Qin would have become the dominant vassal and eventually swept the six kingdoms.

Of course, no one is perfect, and Duke Mu also made mistakes at times. When he got the information that Zheng could be attacked, Mu Gong decided to send troops. Baili Xi and Jian Shu advised him that it would be almost impossible to succeed if he had to travel thousands of miles to attack.

However, Duke Mu refused to listen.

Halfway to the Qin army, they were fooled by a cattle seller, that, our Zheng already knows that your army is coming, has strengthened the alert, this is not, sent me to labor the army.

The three main generals of the Qin army deliberated, since people have been prepared to meet the attack, but also a fart.

The Qin army on the way back to the division by hand to destroy the slippery state. But the State of Slip was a vassal state of Jin.

The Duke of Jin was furious and did not even look at the master when he hit the dog.

The Jin army set up an ambush in Banyan Mountain. The Qin army was caught by surprise and all of them were wiped out. The three main generals: Meng Mingshi, Xijizhi and Bai Yibin became prisoners of the Jin army.

The reality woke Mu Gong up with a slap. He had really drifted.

The Battle of Banyan Mountain between Qin and Jin

After the three generals fled back to Qin, Duke Mu didn’t blame them, instead, he blamed himself and continued to use them.

In the 36th year, Duke Mu sent his troops to invade Jin in a big way. After crossing the river, the Qin army burned the boats to show that they would die.

The army defeated the Jin army in one battle, and finally avenged the death of Banyan Mountain.

The Qin army, which was alive back then, has now turned into white bones in the weeds. Duke Mu wept for three days and nights for the mourning.

When the gentlemen heard about it, they all shed tears.

In the thirty-ninth year of his reign, Duke Mu of Qin died. He was buried with three of his ministers.

The Qin people mourned. In his life, Duke Mu had benefited his country, served the powerful Jin in the east and ruled the Rong Di in the west, but in the end he did not become the lord of the vassals, mainly because he did not treat his people well.

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